Back in the hills..But please keep your distance

Back in the hills..But please keep your distance

Out in the hills again….

I am sure that like me, you have all found it hard, if not unbearable, to have to refrain from going into the hills.

Thankfully, while the advice is stay at home if you can, some restrictions have been eased and this has enabled us to get back out into the hills. However, with the caveat that we stay safe, don’t try anything new, like climbing an E5 when we are Vdiff climbers and having the correct equipment.


Donegal route

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of getting out into the hills of Donegal keeping within the travel guidelines. I met up with a relative and we kept apart, just about able to hear each other over the 35-40mph winds and we had a fantastic day. We parked the cars up between Muckish and Crocknalaragagh and blasted our way up towards the top of Crocknalaragh.

On route we did a bit of micro navigation and i and contoured around the south end of Lough Aluirg before ascending onto the top of Ardloughnabrackbaddy. Known locally as Aghla Beg south.

Interestingly, there are two Ardloughnabrackenbaddys’, with the second one farther to the west. The mind boggles! The views were stunning (as can be seen from the attached pics) and conditions underfoot were surprising good.

Heading home

We grabbed a quick bit of lunch and headed back home west via the north end of Lough Aluirg. Then through the north side of Lough Nadreegarr across to Lough Dog onto the spot heights 461 and 431. finally finishing by dropping down to the car at Meennassarudda.

We always like to stop a short distance from the finish just to soak up the last of the scenery before getting into the car and heading home.

A great day out and well worth a trip. You can add to the distance by including Aghla more to the west.


Hope you enjoy the pics and look forward to catching up on the next blog entry.




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