Tailored tours of Ireland’s Mountains

Tailored tours of Ireland’s Mountains

Your day will start at 8am and wherever possible, you will be collected from your accommodation, if it is in the greater Belfast area or en route to the mournes. You will be dropped off back at home at the end of the day. The Mourne Mountains hike will take you into Northern Ireland’s highest mountain range. Its an area or wild country. Its mountains have been shaped by ice during the last Ice Age 12000yrs ago, forged by fire and gentled by rain, water and man.

You will be lead off the tourist trail where you will feel like you are the only people on the hill. Knowing the mountains as well as I do and being a qualified Mountain leader, I will be able to take you to places off the beaten track where you will see the hills in their unspoiled condition and be free from the hustle and noise of other walkers. You will feel like you own the mountains.

You will take in the magnificent views glacial valley below Slieve Donard, the highest mountain in the range at 850 metres. You will be shown the mountain plants, and flora as we walk and my experience and knowledge will enable you to see the wildlife in the sky and under our feet. Your enjoyment and safety is our priority and you will return invigorated.

Private tours can be arranged, for instance were we can can also take you on this walk at night where you can watch the sun set behind the mountains and watch the night sky without the interruption of light pollution.  Walks can also be made bespoke to tailor for your needs and wishes.

What else you should know

Maximum number of walkers: 5.
The walk is easily achieved by anyone with moderate fitness and where you may not be an athlete, you should still succeed in summiting, even if it takes a wee bit longer. If you would like to organise a private tour please contact me directly.)

What I’ll provide

Transportation: Car
Full equipment including boots and waterproof clothing can be provided with prior notice (2 Weeks)
The host will also provide flasks of tea on request. Please give the host a few days notice if this is required and how you take the tea or coffee, ie milk or sugar

What to bring

If you have your own, please bring waterproof clothing and sturdy walking boots and a small rucksack.

Please also bring lunch, enough water for the trip, snacks and toilet accessories.

Medical conditions and emergency contact

You will be asked to complete a small form outlining any medical conditions and give an emergency contact.
Your host is a first person on the scene intermediate first aider and will have medical equipment with them. However, you are asked to bring any personal medication with you and make the host aware of any issues relevant to this trip.

Please see the template below


Acknowledgement of Risk and Medical Declaration



Read the above Acknowledgement of Risk Statement & please make Phil Mannus aware of any medical issues you may have prior to your mountain walk.

Please sign the form to acknowledge that the information you have given is true to the best of your knowledge.

N.B The minimum we require is name, email and person to contact in case of emergency (inc phone number)


  • Are you Fit and Healthy and able to participate in the activities to which you are joining? *

Yes No


  • Do you have any of the following?

Blackouts/Headaches/Dizziness Allergies to Bites/Food or medicine Asthma



Recent injuries/operations Epilepsy Diabetes Heart complaints Back/Neck complaints



  • Any other information you would like to give us? ie recent illness etc



  • Consent to use our Photos of you (EU General Data Protection Regulation)


We may use the photos taken by our leaders of you on our website and social media




Person to contact in case of emergency & phone number *


Full name________________________________________


Email address____________________________________


Telephone number________________________________

Info for the walk

Mourne mountain walk
Just a quick check list for the walk.
As the walk is in what’s referred to as ‘Wild Country’ we need to have certain gear for safety. I can supply all the gear free of charge.
Do you have decent walking boots with ankle support and a heel?
We need proper waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers. A rucksack to carry your gear. Water, snacks, lunch, gloves, hat, warm jacket and a spare warm jacket. Any medication you use. Camera, phone, charger, and waterproof bag to protect these from the elements.
Money if you want to buy anything on the way there or back.
We can stop off at a cafe on the way where you can buy lunch.
Any questions, give me a shout. Looking forward to showing you the fantastic Mourne Mountains.

If you need boots, I need your British boot size please.
Also can you let me know the address for pick up please. If you are staying outside the Belfast City limits, you will need to make your way to the front of the City Hall. I can pick you up if you are staying on a route to the Mournes, but unfortunately can’t pick up if not.
Kind regards

Fun places to see in Belfast

Here are some details of places to eat in Belfast and places to go.
My favourite restaurant at the minute is the Bo tree Thai restaurant. It’s bring your own and cheap. Food is amazing.
It’s closed on Sunday though.

A great Indian restaurant which is a cheap place to eat at the minute is Kathmandu Indian is great
If you like Chinese 3Levels is lovely

If you fancy something a bit special and not cheap Shu and Graze are great

Places to go.
Ulster museum in Belfast. Closes at 5pm

Fibber McGees bar is great for some craic and has traditional music. The Perch roof top bar is great as is the Bullit.

Also Deans Love fish. Also closed on Sunday.  but you may get these another day. I think the Bo Tree is also closed on Monday.
If it’s a sunny day, Deanes have a restaurant called Deanes at Queens. It’s great if you can get a seat outside.
Hope that helps


  • Departure: 8:00 am
  • Depart from: Belfast
  • Trip length: 10.5 hrs
  • Price: £80pp

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