Making Lock Down a bit less boring

Making Lock Down a bit less boring

Hope you enjoyed the videos and how cute was the pigmy goat? I am sure like me you have been finding lock down really hard at times. It’s the longest I have been away from the mountains and its killing me.


Of course the Mountain Rescue Team’s advice is to please stay out of the hills until they give us notice. This is to protect the amazing volunteers and front line staff who make our mountain trips that bit safer.


I am going to post some videos and pics on the site and let’s see how you have improvised your routine and keep up with keeping fit and maybe practising some rope work, maintaining your gear or simply, like me, taking pictures of some of the Spring and now, summer, flowers. Here are just a few to give us some interest. I have included a few butterflies as well. Enjoy…… Can you identify these?

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